Åpningstider / Opening hours


02.01.2019 - 22.06.2019


Trondenes Historiske Senter

  • Sted / Address: Trondenesveien 122, 9404 Harstad
  • Opening hours:
    • Mandag-Fredag / Monday-Friday: Utstilling / exhibitions 10:00-14:00 & kafé 11:00-14:00
    • Søndag / Sunday: utstilling / exhibitions & kafé 11:00-16:00
  • Billett hovedutstilling / entrance fee kr 90,- / 45,-
  • Norsk info / norwegian info: Trondenes Historiske Senter

The Trondenes Historical Centre is situated in idyllic historical surroundings on the Trondenes peninsula, 3km outside the town centre. The exhibition gives you an insight into the history of the Harstad region from the early Stone Age until today, with an emphasis on the Viking and Medieval Ages, and World War II. The historical exhibitions are enhanced through the use of a multimedia show, lights, sounds and smells. The museum also features a temporary exhibitions this summer: "The Black Dog" 33 myths from Northern Norway.

Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and home-made cakes in a historical environment while you enjoy the panoramic view over Vågsfjord.  Take a walk in the cultural landscape at Trondenes along a marked trail through lush, green countryside teeming with birds, past Asbjørn’s  2 turf-roofed boathouses, several burial mounds and a 2,000 year old farm mound. More recent and painful history has also left its mark with the German camp, Russian P.O.W camp and Finnmark camp. The path has been signposted in Norwegian, German and English. Ask our staff for a map. 

Trastad Samlinger

  • Sted / address: Oscarsvei 6, 9475 Borkenes
  • Utstilling / exhibitions: Åpent på forespørsel / contact us Tlf: +47 47977944 / +77018380
  • Billett hovedutstilling / entrance fee kr 85,-/55,-/ barn gratis/ children free admission
  • Norsk info / norwegian info: Trastad Samlinger

Trastad Samlinger is an art- and cultural-historical museum. It is situated in Kvæfjord municipality in what used to be pavilion 7 at the first institution for people with disabilities in Northern Norway. The museum has a cultural-historical department that shows how it was for people with disabilities to live in Northern-Norway after the war. The museum also has an art historical department that consists of Trastad Gallery with its permanent exhibition that shows art that was made at the institution as well as national and international Outsider Art. 


  • Sted / address: Sjøvegan Centre
  • Utstilling / exhibitions: Åpent på forespørsel / contact us Tlf: +77018380
  • Norsk info / norwegian info: Lundbrygga

The beautiful Lund Wharf in the centre of Sjøvegan was built between the wars on the site of an older pier. Lund Wharf was more than just a trading post – it was also an important meeting place for locals. It is still a meeting place today, but with a different focus. The permanent exhibition ‘Fjord = Ferd’ gives a taste of the coastal culture in Salangen, and the museum also features temporary exhibitions. Make time for a cup of freshly-brewed coffee in a maritime setting. Tourist information and museum shop. 

Hemmestad Brygge 

  • Sted / address: Hemmestad, Kvæfjord
  • Utstilling / exhibitions: Åpent på forespørsel / contact us Tlf: +77018380
  • Norsk info / norwegian info: Hemmestad Brygge

An ochre pearl of nature by the sea, where time has stood still for almost 200 years. History can be found everywhere here – at the country store, in the cod liver oil barrels and the Nordland boats basking in the sun upon the pebbles. The former trading post is now a museum. Let the maritime atmosphere, idyllic nature, exhibitions and local food served at the café tempt you.

Grytøy Bygdetun 

  • Sted / address: Lundenes, Grytøy
  • Utstilling / exhibitions: Åpent på forespørsel / contact us Tlf: +77018380
  • Norsk info / norwegian info: Grytøy Bygdetun

With its 6 buildings and more than 3,000 registered artefacts, Grytøy Bygdetun is one of the finest museums in North Norway. Barn with traditional agricultural tools and machinery, boats, fishing nets and equipment, as well as a fishing hut. Gain an insight into a coastal culture that is now disappearing.

Krambuvika Bygdemuseum

  • Sted / address: Soløy, Tennevoll. Lavangen
  • Utstilling / exhibitions: Åpent på forespørsel / contact us Tlf: +77018380
  • Norsk info / norwegian info: Krambuvika Bygdemuseum 

Welcome to a charming rural museum in beautiful surroundings. The main pier building, ‘Sverrebrygga’, houses a café and exhibitions. There are several other buildings in the courtyard; a net house, boathouse, forge – and not forgetting ‘Jennystua’, a charmingly furnished crofter’s house in strong colours. Open all year by appointment.

Anna Rogde

Verdens eldste seilende skonnert tar oppdrag hele året på bestilling. Kontakt oss på annarogde@stmu.no for pristilbud. I år feirer "Anna Rogde" 150 år. Les mer om skuta på annarogde150.no
This beautiful schooner from 1868 takes us out to sea. The creaking of the masts and wooden hull mixes with the blowing of the wind while we plough through the waves. Below deck in the galley the smell of home-made food tickles our noses. Welcome to an unforgettable voyage! Contact us at annarogde@stmu.no
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Other attractions, also part of Sør-Troms Museum:
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Administrasjon / Sentralbord

Ordinær åpningstid: Virkedager mandag-fredag kl 09-15.
Du kan også nå administrasjonen på telefon +47 77018380 man-fre i samme tidsrom. 


Kaffe & Kunnskap 18.februar

Mandag 18. februar inviterer vi til foredrag om etniske forhold i middelalderen/vikingtiden. NB: merk nytt tidspunkt

Fototreff 2019

En ny serie fototreff starter 28.februar på Trondenes Historiske Senter

Mennesket i Naturen – Samisk Outsider Art

I anledning samisk uke 2019 viser Sør-Troms Museum/Trastad Samlinger, i samarbeid med Kvæfjord Kommune, utstillingen Mennesket i Naturen – Samisk Outsider Art. Utstillingen står til 27. februar.

Koftetradisjoner i Sør-Troms / Following Arctic Fashion

Sami Vahkku Hárstták ja Giehtavuona 2019 / Samisk uke Harstad og Kvæfjord 2019. Utstillingene «Koftetradisjoner i Sør-Troms/ Gákteárbevierut Lulli Romssas» og «Following Arctic Fashion» står til 3.mars.

Kaffe & Middelaldersøm

Trondenes Historiske Senter, hver tirsdag f.o.m. 29.01. t.o.m. 26.02 kl. 11-14.

Åpningstider i desember

Trondenes Historiske Senter og fellesadministrasjonen har følgende åpningstider i desember

Trondenes Historiske Senter stengt 14.des

På grunn av personalsamling holder vi stengt på Trondenes Historiske Senter fredag 14. desember

Julemarked 8. & 9. desember

Velkommen til et koselig julemarked på Lundbrygga på Sjøvegan.

Middelaldersøm 19.-20. januar 2019

Krafse-Gunvor trenger klær. Vil du delta på hyggelig workshop i middelaldersøm? Meld deg på nå!

Vikingdag for de minste, 19.november

Trondenes Historiske Senter kl 11:00-14:00, for barn 4-8 år i følge med voksen.